Sunday, June 20, 2010

The pictures you don't see

The pictures you don't see are of the hummingbird feeder with the rufous hummingbirds.
We have had 6 weeks of cold wet weather and I was so worried about how the hummingbirds would make it - so I bought a hummingbird feeder and the nectar and within a day we had several hummingbirds find the feeder and now every day from dawn till at least 9:30 pm we have them coming to the balcony.

The rufous hummingbird is bronze, and coppery coloured and absolutely beautiful. Quite different from the ruby throated variety which is what I was used to seeing.
I also planted my window boxes and bought a beautiful hanging basket for our balcony.

The first two pictures are from the annual car show that was here this weekend (and a sunny day! until it rained).
The red car I took a picture of for our friend Gordon because I thought it was a British Wolsley - which is what one of his antique cars is - the other being a 1952 (?) MG - but it turns out this is a Pontiac - what do I know.
The trucks I took the photo for my brother Bob.

The lilacs aren't even out here & it is late June.

The last picture is Santi saying "Don't tease me Charley - give me the cookie NOW"

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