Monday, June 14, 2010

pictures from the past few weeks

Grey for the entire month of May and early June - the past weekend
glorious, hot and sunny, now thunderstorms today.
1) nest of baby birds in a hanging basket at the greenhouse nursery where I went to buy plants
they say there is a nest every year and the fledglings hatch and fly away
2 & 3)
flowering crab(?) and mock orange blossoms against a blue! sky
4) one of a flock of Bohemian Waxwings in my friends backyard
5 -7) grey and Mount Rundle with a cloud spouting of its peak in a funnel
8) Killdeer at Vermillion Lakes
9) Calypso Orchids at Johnson Lake we saw dozens of clumps of these tiny fragile beauties
10) Loon on the nest on a tiny island in Johnson Lake
11)Red-wing Blackbird
12) reflection
13) surreal looking trees at Warner Stables with horse & rider (great birding spot in the marsh there - that's where the sora is)
14) baby mallard in that marsh
15) Northern Shoveller, male, in that marsh
16) grey - there was lots of it
17) the dappled section of grass is where the cougar killed the deer - that building (yes, just inches from the spot) is where Kathy, Charley and I all work - just so you don't think I am exaggerating when I say...near our offices.

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