Thursday, April 23, 2015

I live in a magnificent place

 These photos were taken at Lake Minnewanka - only about 15 minutes by car from our place.
Kathy, her sister Wendy, baby Aiden, and 2 dogs, Elli and Duffy, all went for a walk yesterday.
All you have to do is point your camera and shoot.
Man, I love this amazing place. So much solidity and so much sky. Eons and Eternity.

                                            And of course, Elli - ( colour-coordinated with our floor)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

pictures from last year and a few from this year

I downloaded pictures from my camera and discovered all sorts from last year - so I thought I would add a few to the blog. It has been too long since I last posted here.

Bighorn sheep - Radium, B.C.

Young Female Bear walking down the Vermillion Lake Road, Banff

 Clouds: I take dozens (maybe hundreds) of photos of clouds. Never tire of looking at them or photgraphing them.
 Charley in Radium, B.C. last year
and then more clouds from that same trip.

 Rundle Mountain - never tire of this view.
 With Jake, me peeking over the corral fence.....think this might have been before the "Fall".
Jake and Smoke are still in their winter pasture but the corrals are open and there are 3 new horses in a corral there this week.

Tanya Tagaq - Winner of the 2014 Polaris Prize - an amazing performer, at the Banff Centre last summer.

 You tell me - is this a hairy or a downie woodpecker? He visited my (illegal) birdfeeder on our balcony all January - before we moved to the new apartment.
 My cherished visitor at the birdfeeder - one of a pair of nuthatches that came every day. Such a joy.
 Raven on the back fence in our new backyard - new apartment. We won't have a birdfeeder here as it is ground level and bears are attracted to them and hence they are illegal. But we have boreal, mountain, and black-capped chickadees, ravens and magpies, nuthatches, and sparrows as regular visitors.
 ELLI, dear sweet Elli, waiting patiently to go for our walk.
 This morning's sky out at the horse corrals. April 2nd, 2015.
 My corral - YES, my corral! Charley is beside himself! and not with happiness. I am beside myself WITH happiness. I won't be buying a horse but borrowing or leasing one for the season. I want to be out here every day....shovelling, raking, currying, and, maybe before too long - riding?
 Magpie - at the corrals - collecting nesting materials and lo and behold building the nest in the last photo. Just looks like a bunch of sticks - but we saw the magpie go into it with grasses, so it must be in the finishing stages.

that is all for this post. I will try to be more up-to-date this year. I will also send pictures of the new apartment and yard. xx mojo

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

blue winter

 Elli is thinking, "When is my next walk? Where is my next cookie?"

 Walking on the road in the Banff Springs Golf Course....we also ventured into the deep snow and Elli was thrilled to find all the bedding spots of a herd of elk...lots of sniffing (no elk thankfully).

 Banff Springs Hotel always looks like a fairy-tale castle
 One of my favourite birds, A Bohemian Waxwing...all puffed up for warmth.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Golden Autumn, beautiful blue sky, and horses.

 Smoke - loooking for company-  in the corral. Most of the horses are gone to their winter pastures. Jake, the horse I rode - is already at the winter pasture and Smokr misses him. Elli and I still go out to the corrals on my days off. Since I "fell" and spent all of August in the apartment I try to spend as much time outside as I possibly can. The days have been glorious and golden.  My favourite two photos are the last two.
 I love the area where the corrals are - it is a world apart.

The paint in the corral is Spirit, and the paint being led by Carmen is called Ladybug. Elli likes the horses but s wisely wary around them too.

 Our darling Elli, basking in the sun. She loves being out at the corrals - she meets up with her friends, Zoya (part husky and part?) and Alexandra (a long-haired Jack Russell terrier). And, I meet up with my friends and we have coffee and treats and chats.
 Smoke, dappled by shadow, as he grazes. THis photo looks like a painting to me. This week all the horses will be gone from the corrals. But I think we will still meet out there for walks and talks.