Saturday, January 4, 2014

winter delights

This magpie photo was taken before Christmas on a brilliant blue sky day, as was the second photo taken along the Bow River path. Lately we have had very grey skies (especially in the mornings) expected for the deep of winter but not as cheering for the soul as the famous Alberta blue sky winter days. Today, January 4th, my friend Sylvie and I went to the horse stables area for a good walk with the dogs. Chilly but not bone-chilling as it is predicted to be later tonight and for a few days. Tsoya (sp?) and Elli love to go for adventures together and they cetainly had fun this morning snuffling in the snow and trying to decipher scents and find tunneling creatures under the drifts of snow. The horses don't spend the winter at the Banff stables - they all go to winter homes and return in the spring. The coyotes have the run of the place in the winter and I was glad we didn't see any this morning. The last two photos are back in town. A vista of Cascade mountain from town - then Ariel (golden lab) and Elli and I walking one morning with Charley !!!! 

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