Saturday, October 12, 2013


The bride, the bridesmaids, the matron of honour, and the mother of the bride, all wore cowboy boots.
And the wedding wasn't even in Alberta!

 The flower-girl wore these.
 We walked through the beautiful woods to the site where the wedding was held. The bride came down a very long flight of stairs at the location of the wedding.
 Bridesmaids, matron-of-honour & flower girl. Sorry I didn't get the boots in this picture.
                                                         Husband and wife

She danced all night and was adorable.

                                                       Jess's gown was exquisite - just as she is.
                                           Silly fun on the dance floor later that night with glow sticks.
                    James is SO handsome and this picture shows his sense of humour not his handsomeness.
                                           Justin - my youngest nephew.
          One of the few pictures of Charley not on a ladder hanging lights. He looks like a member of the Mafia. He is escorting Elena, the "droapkie" cook expert.

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