Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Canadian symbol in a National Park - 2 trips to Vermillion Lakes

The first picture is of a very large
beaver climbing up onto the land.
My friend Audrey and I went to
Vermillion Lakes and we were thrilled to watch 2 beavers working and swimming....and in the case of this one, climbing up for a scratch and a rest.

The photo of the water shows how they have dammed it.
One woman who stopped to look also said this looked like an Infinity Pool

The picture with the beaver swiming from the right to hte left also shows the ripples of a small muskrat swimming from the left to the right.
He is a lucky tenant of the pool

I think that is a Downy Woodpecker but I do have trouble knowing the difference between a Hairy and a Downy.
We also saw dozens of ruby-crowned kinglets, yellow rumped warblers, and the antics of bufflehead ducks splashing and courting.

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