Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This morning - bliss!
Gwen D. from Nova Scotia is here in a writing program and she asked "was there anything I wanted from Nova Scotia" before she arrived. I said "my friends" but because they won't fit in your suitcase, I would love an oatcake from Stevereno's. SHE BROUGHT ME 4!!!! and I am delirious with joy.
They are even better than I remember them.
So this morning I got up very early, 5:30, read some of the new Ian McEwan novel, Solar, made a pot of coffee - made from Just Us coffee from Grand Pre - brought to me by darling Janet B. who was here for last week's writing program, and sat and closed my eyes and had great coffee and an oatcake from Stevereno's in front of me.
Then I realized I had to phone my friend Liza H. with whom I almost always went to Stevereno's with on Saturday mornings. So when I heard her voice it was as perfect as it could have been without actually being there. WOW!!!
Yesterday went with Santi and Kathy to Cascade Ponds and Vermillion Lake. Saw Blue winged teals...the small pair in the picture are those.

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Go ForWords said...

LOVE the picture of the tulip. I remember those oatcakes from visitng you in Halifax.

And I think that dog is the luckiest puppy in the universe! Every time I go on your blog she's having another adventure!