Thursday, April 22, 2010

A miscellany of photos from the past few weeks. I have left out pictures of our last blizzard since the warm, sunny days have melted it from my memory. The last shot though is of rocks - that look like mushrooms - covered with snow
It rained today in Banff. When I say to friends here that it is so rare to see rain in Banff they all reply that "It rained all last summer".
I think it has rained four times in the year and a half that I have been here.

A deer - wet coated from the rain - jaywalking in front of me on The Banff Centre Campus.
And a sure sign of spring - skinny Columbian ground squirrels, out of hibernation, having dug our of their burrows.
One dog phot (sideways!) and a few mountainscapes from a trip to the off-leash Canmore dog park.

I have been taking lots of pictures of tulips and other flowers which I treat myself to from the store - they are as cheap as $2.50 a bunch while everything else in Banff is exorbitantly ten times the usual price - anyway I have been playing with the camera and some of the photos are the results.


Deborah March said...
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Deborah March said...

That first photo of your tulips is absolutely STUNNING! I love the lacker-than-black background you achieved! What camera do you use?

Jan said...

Mojo, these are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them--I won't need to be "homesick" when I go home!
Jan B.