Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sheer bliss, Sheer exhaustion

What joy I had I am waiting for the aches & pains.

Today started with beautiful sky as I walked up to the Centre to join a group..... then a ride to the Continental Divide (border of Alberta & BC) which is about 40 minutes from Banff, and a guided 3 hour snowshow trek through Chickadee Valley.
It was so beautiful I took a great many photos.
My right snowshow came off a few times and I would end up in thigh deep snow until the guide helped me back on top and onto my snowshoe.
Magical deep woods and open valleys with very deep snow. We have almost no snow in Banff so it was wonderful to get in deep, powder, pure white snow.
The trees looked like something out of Dr. Seuss.......


Go ForWords said...

I love the verticality of many of these shots. Those incredible Dr Seuss pines so narrow and climbing and still laden with the weight of snow.
I often download your beautiful mountain shots and use them as screen savers.
Love, Sue

Audrey said...

Incredible photos Mojo; I had similar experience on X-C skis last weekend too. It feels like one could go on for ever!

Sharon said...

Oh -- just amazing.