Friday, October 2, 2009

Snow on the Mountains

There is snow on the mountains this evening and a considerable amount of cloud.
It is quite cool through the nights and in the mornings - I have been wearing gloves to walk up
the hill to work for the past week. Where did our golden autumn go?
Charley saw an ad on TV the other day for the local grocery chain here - and it was showing a Thanksgiving dinner and it made him have a yearning for a pumpkin pie. So I made one & it was very good. Practicing for Thanksgiving I guess, though I think we hope to go to a hotel in town that is serving a big turkey dinner. I am so busy with work right now.
You can tell winter is coming because the deer have moved back down into town.
More soon. X


Sue said...

Mojo, I love your blog and the practice of writing and taking pictures. I feel like we've kept in touch better than we have because I've been able to read you here quite often.
love always. Sue

wkrpcinnci said...

I don't see any deer