Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my walk up and my walk at lunch

These first photos are from this morning's walk up to work.
The deer have begun to come back into town for the winter and the snow keeps coming every week now. One morning I saw a coyote eyeing a mother mule deer and her twin young deer, the coyote disappeared when it saw me.
When you see Santiago puppy dog on the road - the pictures from that photo on are of our walk at lunch time - Santi, her mummy and me. It was a lovely walk up Tunnel Mountain Road which is ALREADY closed for the winter - which is very nice for walking but rather shocking that it was closed even before Thanksgiving when the first snowstorm came. The views are spectacular on that walk.
Some of the photos, because of the light and shadow, look like etchings, particularly the 2nd last photo which is of Rundle Mountain.
I am still enthralled with the mountains....hope you don't tire of my many photos of mountains, deer and sky.

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