Friday, September 11, 2009

From Sunrise to Mid-day at the Bed & Breakfast, Twin Butte

This was sunrise at Dungarvan Creek B&B our first morning. (

The clouds were red but the day turned out to be beautiful.
The property had a pond on which we saw Coots, Northern Shovellers, Pintail or Black Ducks maybe, & Mallards. We saw Swallows, Cedar Waxwing, huge Hawks again, goldfinch (there is a photo here of grass with two goldfinch in it.
My great delight, like a piece of sky dropping in flight, was a male Mountain Bluebird which was joined by two female bluebirds and we were able to watch them for some time.
A mother Moose and her calf came by a few times.
The photo of the window was our view from the breakfast table - in the main house - overlooking the pond.
Our cabin is pictured with the HONKING huge truck in front. It was the only vehicle we could get from the insane rental company (a story I won't go into here) and I have cursed gas-guzzling trucks for years but in a curious way it seemed appropriate to be driving a truck through ranch country....not that I have changed my tune about gas guzzling trucks but it is safer if you happen to bump into a moose or elk or bear etc.
I hope you don't mind so many more pictures of the big skies.
Still to post pictures of Waterton and horseback riding.

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