Monday, August 17, 2009

KANANASKIS COUNTRY - over 4000 Square km of wilderness

It was a very good thing that these Mountain sheep (or goats) were at an intersection because cars had to stop .... these guys were on the highway & on 3 sides of the corner. There is more text at the end of the pictures to tell you where we were.
It was a breathtaking road trip.

The plaque a few pictures into this blog refers to two mountains (in the photo following the shot of the plaque) named after 2 officers killed in WWW1. I found it very moving.

We took the most spectacular drive today (about 130 km in total)
through what is known as Kananaskis Country. It was a trip through
3 Provincial Parks - Bow Valley Wildland Prov. Pk, Spray Valley Prov. Park, &
Peter Lougheed Prov. Park.
Each one more breathtaking than the previous one.
AND - I saw my first bear....safely from the car. It was a black bear and it was hightailing it away from the road so we saw its rump and its back...but unmistakably a black bear.
The pictures do not capture the beauty of what we saw every mile of the way. But it is a trip we will definitely take again and take more pictures.


Sue said...

Hi Mojo,

OMG! What spectacular pictures. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be there in person. Glad you're having such a spectacular summer. Love to Charlie. xoxo Susie

sharon said...

I love all of your photos and they make me nostalgic for when I lived in Calgary. Those are Big Horn Sheep. The Rocky Mountain goats stay higher up where only the most adventurous go. They are white, slimmer and have beards.

someday go to Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, also in southern Alberta. Full of hoodoos and, of course, First Nations' hierogliphics (sp?). the grasshoppers were so numerous and so loud that my then 8-year-old son was convinced there was a rattlesnake at his feet and was literally trying to climb me. Everything is larger than life in Alberta. In any event, another beautiful Alberta place to go to. We saw a perfect rainbow, the complete arch, on the long straight road to there. An unforgettable sight.