Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sky & Mountains

The first two photos are from Saturday night, in town, with the clouds and light on the mountains.
Last night my friend Audrey and I drove out to Vermillion Lakes - at the edge of town - and saw a pair of loons with one baby "loonlet" paddling behind.
We saw a spotted sandpiper on a tiny spot of sand at the water's edge. It made me homesick for Nova Scotia's shore and shorebirds.
We saw a teal-winged duck and mate. What I think was a blackpoll warbler - though I can never identify warblers.
Canada Geese were far out in the marsh.
We saw and heard redwing blackbirds.
We also heard the concert at the Banff Centre (miles away) that Charley was working . Xavier Rudd - an Australian musician who plays digeridoo.
So these photos show the setting where we saw the birds.

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