Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What you don't see

What you don't see is what I heard - a nuthatch, a mountain chickadee (striped head instead of a solid cap),  a junco (millions of them here it seems this spring and different colouring than the ones out east) their song sounds to me like a handful of tiny, tiny gold coins dropped from one palm to another., and the magpie, squawky bird that can sound like a good honk or a car horn.

Every day when I climb up Tunnel Mountain to the Centre - I have to plan for stopping time to see and listen to the birds. Saw an eagle twice, yesterday saw a woodpecker and a nuthatch and I hear all sorts of birds and I cannot always identify them. Fortunately the bird society has started early morning walks...so I plan to go on some of the walks to learn more about the birds here.

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