Saturday, February 14, 2009

Took 3 long walks yesterday - babysitting the dog, Santiago.
This little cat was very curious about the dog, fearless and inquisitive.
It came right up to Santi and tried to play with her wagging tail.
The other photos include scenes from a walk on the Fenland Loop, a 2km circle in the woods. A cougar has been seen there dawns and dusks for the past few weeks. And, a 600 pound elk was killed by a cougar near Canmore.
Glad that one is well fed for a few weeks - they close all trails near a cougar kill so the cat can feed for as long as it wants.
The woman in the photo with Santi is Martha, from Halifax. She has lived here 6 years. 

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Deborah March said...

Nice pics MoJo, love that little squirrel!