Sunday, February 8, 2009

Get ready for a whole series of Mule Deer photos.
Isn't this little one sweet. The young mule deer look like baby donkeys.
We were at a house yesterday and a group of mule deer came onto the property while we were there.
Four babies and two adults came and stood in the parking lot and driveway.
We were on the stairs & took photos.
The man who owns this house and the one next door leaves an opening in the back fence so the deer can travel from one street to the other. He also keeps open bags of leaves on both properties and the deer eat them.
It is prohibited to feed animals in the National Park but who could say that leaves are food - as they are naturally occurring on the ground anyway.
Besides I think the man and his wife are very influential in Banff and can do what they like.

We had to manoeuvre out way out past the deer, down the driveway, without upsetting the adult deer
and making them fear for the little ones. They are docile creatures and they are also protective (of course).

As you can tell I am fond of them.

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