Saturday, October 11, 2014

Golden Autumn, beautiful blue sky, and horses.

 Smoke - loooking for company-  in the corral. Most of the horses are gone to their winter pastures. Jake, the horse I rode - is already at the winter pasture and Smokr misses him. Elli and I still go out to the corrals on my days off. Since I "fell" and spent all of August in the apartment I try to spend as much time outside as I possibly can. The days have been glorious and golden.  My favourite two photos are the last two.
 I love the area where the corrals are - it is a world apart.

The paint in the corral is Spirit, and the paint being led by Carmen is called Ladybug. Elli likes the horses but s wisely wary around them too.

 Our darling Elli, basking in the sun. She loves being out at the corrals - she meets up with her friends, Zoya (part husky and part?) and Alexandra (a long-haired Jack Russell terrier). And, I meet up with my friends and we have coffee and treats and chats.
 Smoke, dappled by shadow, as he grazes. THis photo looks like a painting to me. This week all the horses will be gone from the corrals. But I think we will still meet out there for walks and talks.

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