Thursday, April 2, 2015

pictures from last year and a few from this year

I downloaded pictures from my camera and discovered all sorts from last year - so I thought I would add a few to the blog. It has been too long since I last posted here.

Bighorn sheep - Radium, B.C.

Young Female Bear walking down the Vermillion Lake Road, Banff

 Clouds: I take dozens (maybe hundreds) of photos of clouds. Never tire of looking at them or photgraphing them.
 Charley in Radium, B.C. last year
and then more clouds from that same trip.

 Rundle Mountain - never tire of this view.
 With Jake, me peeking over the corral fence.....think this might have been before the "Fall".
Jake and Smoke are still in their winter pasture but the corrals are open and there are 3 new horses in a corral there this week.

Tanya Tagaq - Winner of the 2014 Polaris Prize - an amazing performer, at the Banff Centre last summer.

 You tell me - is this a hairy or a downie woodpecker? He visited my (illegal) birdfeeder on our balcony all January - before we moved to the new apartment.
 My cherished visitor at the birdfeeder - one of a pair of nuthatches that came every day. Such a joy.
 Raven on the back fence in our new backyard - new apartment. We won't have a birdfeeder here as it is ground level and bears are attracted to them and hence they are illegal. But we have boreal, mountain, and black-capped chickadees, ravens and magpies, nuthatches, and sparrows as regular visitors.
 ELLI, dear sweet Elli, waiting patiently to go for our walk.
 This morning's sky out at the horse corrals. April 2nd, 2015.
 My corral - YES, my corral! Charley is beside himself! and not with happiness. I am beside myself WITH happiness. I won't be buying a horse but borrowing or leasing one for the season. I want to be out here every day....shovelling, raking, currying, and, maybe before too long - riding?
 Magpie - at the corrals - collecting nesting materials and lo and behold building the nest in the last photo. Just looks like a bunch of sticks - but we saw the magpie go into it with grasses, so it must be in the finishing stages.

that is all for this post. I will try to be more up-to-date this year. I will also send pictures of the new apartment and yard. xx mojo

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Audrey said...

Amazing photos as always. Well done!