Friday, June 24, 2011

change in the weather, again and again

Well, my little balcony garden weathered the hail storm yesterday. I just got home in time to avoid being pelted myself. Big dark clouds came very quickly from the southwest and with wind and thunder a hail storm pelted the town. The first photo is the roof across the street funnelling the hail stones to the eaves, the others show how hard and fast the hail fell. My window boxes and balcony railing had hailstones hitting them.
This morning was sunny and the flowers seemed to reach for the infrequent, much missed, sun they need. Nasturtiums in a hanging pot in hopes they will spill down in cascades. Sweetpeas by string hoping they will reach up and perfume the balcony. The purple lobelia is my great delight. There have been few days warm or sunny enough to sit out so each minute I can sit on the balcony is a pleasure.

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