Saturday, March 13, 2010

Enjoying the winter again

Well the el Nino effect didn't last long and the snow is fluffy, pure white, and beautiful
This first picture is of three deer tracks meeting as they come down of a slope to the road.
The rest are self-explanatory - just images that I liked of the snowy landscape - including the bright red stair outside our offices on a 2nd floor deck - with their own little mountains of snow on each...and the very last photo is of a group of artists moving the "Buffalo" down our hallway from one building to another...the buffalo had been in one of the artist's open studio show along with his paintings.


flo said...

I love how you are paying attention to your world in the mountains. love the red stairs shot. and of course the buffalo in the hallway. nothing better than a buffalo. xxx

hunter494 said...

Mojo your Iris picture calls to me, I do need to speak to you. Please contact me asap.
Your flower photos are nothing but divine. You are so gifted.