Sunday, December 20, 2009

There are many advantages to babysitting Santiago dog over the Christmas holidays.
She is a lovely, well-behaved dog who brings that missing animal spirit back into our house now that we are not pet-owners.
And it also means I get up early in the morning and Santi and I walk around town - hoping we don't bump into any wildlife prowling the dark, deserted streets. (Charley - the night owl does the night shifts)
This morning we were out for such a long walk that the sky lightened and I was able to take some photographs.
The first if Mount Rundle wrapped in a cloud.
The second is the sun rising.
The 3rd and 4th show Santi playing her new game. Our dog friend Docker, in Halifax, used to snatch my glove off my hand and race around while I tried to get it back. I taught Santi the same game and she loves my big leather mitten.
The 5th shows the skating rink and the big skating oval on the Bow River - no one out this morning but it is often full of families having a great skate.
The 6th is pine cones in the snow. The 7th the Bow River again.
The 8th & 9th Magpies in the trees.
The last two photos are Mount Rundle again but on a different day - sunny with blue skies.

Now I am home having a hot coffee and Santi is having a nap....maybe I need a nap too.


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