Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Daily Commute to My Office

At the corner of Beaver and Moose Streets I head up the hill.

This is the view I have looking to my right at Mount Rundle. (photo 1)

There are a number of ways to get up the hill to work - this is the one taking the main roads, I also go by back lanes and paths. I will show some of those in a later blog in a phot essay of the way down the hill.

Then I go across Grizzly Street which is flat ( photo 2 & 3)
(photo 4) is looking down hill on Moose street where I just walked up

to Grizzly.
Then we come to two paths that diverge....always have to take the one ascending the hill (photo 5)

(photos 6 to 12) show what I see on the way - houses, views, and a few shots back down the hill I have just walked up. The houses are beautiful but there are also many that are nothing but wrecks. I might do a blog entry ont he underbelly of Banff and rental properties but that is not nearly so picturesque.

The final photos show the view - 
when I am almost at the Centre campus. Spectacular to see the Bourgeau Range off in the west.
Breathtaking way to start the morning.

The final photo is one ofthe main buildings where conferences and lectures can be held. And where workshops and meetings of the many programs take place.

Soon I post the descent photo tour.

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Deborah March said...

So are you working there now MoJo? Beautiful pics!