Saturday, March 14, 2009

The clouds make shapes in around and on top of the mountains so that the landscape looks changed. I took a great many pictures of the mountains and the clouds but I have only posted a few.
Alberto Manguel wrote the introduction for a book of photographs by Ernie Kroeger, entitled The Great Divide. Manguel writes, " Like prairie clouds (the Rocky Mountains) course sideways, occasionally melting into the clouds......(the mountains) uneasy paradox: on the one hand they are a continuous jagged line that prevents the landscape from continuing on to the distant horizon; on the other, they are the horizon itself, ever-present and always just beyond the ultimate grasp."
I would add that the mountains force your eyes up to an infinite horizon, that of the sky, creating an boundless vista that reaches to infinity. I think that is one reason I so love this landscape. Though everyone warned I might feel claustrophobic here - I find the opposite is true I can see is just up instead of in a city which is usually across a street and into buildings that block the view.
Mind you that is after a winter of predominantly blue skies and sunshine. When it is misty or snowy and the mountains disappear it is an utterly different which seems ungrounded without the mountains.

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