Sunday, December 28, 2008

This coyote was across the street from our house at lunchtime today. it was lunchtime for him as well I suspect. Seeing him confirmed my suspicions that coyotes were visiting the property in front of our place.
I had seen pawprints where dogs would not have been - on the top of a cairn of rocks where I imagine mice and squirrels live...and Santiago spent a long time sniffing some pawprints more than I was sure coyotes had been on our street.

The yard where he was, is a large piece of property by Banff standards and stretches from the block above us to our street. There is a hill and the houses are on the other street and on the hill and the back of the land - which reaches our street is open and forested...So this is where the coyote was hunting today. Though we scared it up the hill a little way - we obviously did not scare it very much The dog was on a leash and the coyote just sat and looked at us and kept an eye on his dining room - wanting us to leave.
I have to say he did not look like the scrawny starved coyotes I saw in Ontario. He had a beautiful gleaming and full coat and tail...he looked well fed.
In the second picture you might find him to the right of the tree trunk through the branches.
I have to say I was thrilled to get a sequence of photos - including him yawning at us.


Diane said...

We are enjoying all your inspiring photos ... the true north strong and cold.

Deborah March said...

More wonderful nature pics my dear.

nancy17 said...

Hi MoJo
Enjoyed your blog.
Nancy Dugas